MIECO QCSMS Microtome M3140

MIECO's QCSMS Microtome a very fast way of doing a fiber cross section in the textile and carpet industry also in forensics to find types of fiber

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Types of razor blades that can be used with a Microtome

single edge safety blades

single edge safety razor blades

single edge razor blades

microtome blades

microtome razor blades

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Identify what Fiber types in carpets

Identify Fiber types in textiles

​Please note on some microscopes the M3140

​and M3162 may not allow the most powerful lens to focus.

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Identify what types of rope by it's fibers

Part# M3162 slot size .062" (1.6mm) wide .031" (.79mm) thick.

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Part# M3140 slot size .04" (1.01mm) wide .031" (.79mm) thick.

Part# M2525 slot size .025" (.64mm) wide .025" (.64mm) thick.

Ships within USA includes shipping
Ships within USA includes shipping

​​MIECO's Quick Cross Section Microscope Slides. (Microtome) You need at least one in the lab if ever the need to view the fiber cross section of any small sample being able to be cut with a razor blade. Find what types of rope or what types of fiber in textiles or carpets Sometimes called Hardy Plates but now called QCSMS.. 

By doing a fiber cross section you can

Textile Fiber Testing

​Carpet Fiber Testing

Textile Testing Equipment

Part# M2524L slot size .025" (.64mm) wide .024" (.61mm) thick. With a long slot of .285" (7.24mm)

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