microtome diagram

Cross section images types of fibers, Natural and Synthetic Fibres and Hair cross section images taken with microtome

The two images below are from a customer in Spain

Using the QCSMS M3140 for cutting and viewing under a microscope

Great, Fast and Easy way
to check Polymer Fibers

identification of textile fibers with microscope

can be done using a mieco QCSMS microtome

​​​A few images of the Cross Section of Human Hair some show the Human Hair next to Yarn Fiber  All images were taken with the Hair and Yarn Fiber held with MIECO's microtome the QCSMS (Quick Cross Section Microscope Slide) Why, forensic analysis to find the identification of textile with microscope.  How to Hold, Cut and View the Cross Section of Natural or Synthetic Hair and or Fibers ==> https://youtu.be/HxqkwUlynBo

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