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 On 8/22/18 a customer from France wrote:
I tried the microtome on different kind of fibers (polymers) and it works great for Raman imaging ! It does what I expected.
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On 8/07/18 a customer from Hungary wrote:
I never used microtone before, but it was easy, basis on your youtube videos.
For our lab this microtone important for differentiate between same basis, but different proprerties fiber (specially viscose, lyocell, modal). 
So I think this is importat, when somebody deals with viscose basis fibers or in the education
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                                            Textile Analyst
                                 CBP New York Laboratory

“Hello Jay,
Our analyst really liked the QCSMS. It makes a more even cut which was very useful. “

Senior Analytical Chemist
                                      Aberdeen Test Center

“I just unpacked it. It looks beautiful.”

“It helps me see my samples like nothing else.”


"Thanks a lot Jay It is very beneficial. I appreciate all your help.

Thank. Your recommendations are working very well, we are making good progress.
Unifi Manufacturing, Inc.

The feature I like best is the varying slot sizes you offer, I do not have to use the standard filler any longer. There is no large gap requiring the filler which can negatively impact the focus on low dpf yarns."

"One feature to point out to the consumer, with the new slides you can actually get a good solid catch with just one thread. So for example you need to count filaments, you only want one pass of the thread or yarn. The new system allows for holding much smaller sample bundles."

"I just ran through a dozen normally hard to cut boucle cross section in a record amount of time. Really such a big improvement. It’s officially a winner!!"

"Yes we love the new ones and it for some reason gives a much cleaner cut. Type your paragraph here."

From: Coralie.GARNIER  at: Cousin Composites

Sent: Monday, October 7, 2019 5:29:08 AM

Subject: My opinion on your product
Dear Jay,
I had the opportunity to use your microtome last week and I am very happy with it.
It is very easy to use, to make good samples in order to observe them with a microscope.
Thank you for this product.
Best regards,